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Tech Talent is an annual event hosted by Sunderland Software City, to attract some of the NE’s undiscovered tech talent. Last Thursday, 25th May, we exhibited at Newcastle’s Crowne Plaza to talk with local talent and to ensure they know who we are and what we’re about.

The North East is a pretty great region for tech, so we were rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tombola, Scott Logic, Leighton and Opencast. It was great to see what other companies have on offer, chat about their efforts in the region and share knowledge in the tech community.

Bede Tech Talent 2018

We spoke to a real mix of potential candidates, from students through to industry professionals and those who wanted a complete career change. Our goody bags and drone footage certainly drew in the masses and we spoke with some really promising talent who will hopefully be applying for some of our current vacancies. It was also inspiring to see what other companies in the region are doing to attract and retain talent, boost employee engagement and how we’re all working to get the North East firmly on the map as leaders in tech.

What did we learn?

Education around tech subjects is increasing rapidly within the region, and there are lots of exciting ways we can grasp and help to cultivate this. The prospect of degree apprenticeships is really exciting, especially as tech is becoming a lot more specific within companies – it’s a such a good way to grow talent within our company and nurture a fantastic workforce. Our Summer Placement Initiative is a great example of supporting development and growth within a thriving business.

We also learned that we’ve got it pretty good here at Bede, many of the exhibitors and candidates were inspired by our work environment, ethics and culture …we may have even had a few converts from some employer competitors!

Here we go, another document / note / word on the most talked about piece of legislation for decades I hear you say.

Well, sort of yes and no.

Yes, this is another note on GDPR and yes there has been a lot of commentary and sales pitches about it, a lot of emails, details and prompts to keep in contact but, and crucially there is a but, it’s actually a very good thing.

GDPR is a massive overhaul of European data protection legislation and will have an impact on everyone. Whether you’re a business and having to have a greater understanding of exactly what happens with the data you’re responsible for or a consumer who’ll be given the greatest level of data transparency we’ve ever seen.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest shake-up of both UK and EU data privacy legislation for 20 years. It creates a single set of rules designed to better protect personal information for people across the EU. All organisations must review how they manage all personal data, such as customer addresses and staff details, to ensure they meet GDPR requirements.

It comes into force tomorrow, 25th May 2018 and everyone must be ready.


GDPR is forcing businesses to be more open with their customers and is increasing business accountability. It puts shared responsibility on both the data controller and the data processor, meaning both are now liable.

There is a two tier fine system for a breach of GDPR regulations. The first is up to 2% of global annual turnover or €10 million. The second is up to 4% of global annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher.

If you’re still not sure, have a look here at the hundreds of third parties Paypal share data (your data) with. GDPR is driving this transparency.

So what is Bede doing to ensure compliance?

Well, true to Bede form, we are going above and beyond the requirements to ensure the highest quality data protection and security.

In May last year we certified to ISO 27001:2013 and this has given us the framework to build on in support of our GDPR work. We have also have expanded our Information Security, Compliance and Legal functions to ensure we have dedicated people in roles which are entirely responsible for these particular areas.

We have been undertaking a number of key tasks, such as reviewing the key suppliers we use, e.g. Microsoft Azure, to make sure they are fit for the purposes of GDPR and to make sure the services we offer customers are of the highest quality. Microsoft Azure as as committed to security and privacy requirements as we are and it’s this commitment to which we hold all our suppliers.

GDPR brings into force several new rights for data subjects, such as the Right to Be Forgotten. When it comes to clients’ customer data it is our clients, as the controller to our processor, who will make the decision on acceptance of this type of request. However, once a decision has been made we have the processes in place to erase personal data. An operation that is immediate and irreversible.

In short, Bede puts privacy and security at the heart of our thinking in order to assure operators that our technology, and particularly our role as data processor are equipped with the most stringent measures to ensure compliance at the highest level. We are ready, are you?.

If you have any questions or would like further information on how we are Supporting Operator GDPR Compliance’ we have created a document of the same name which has been shared with our existing customers, please get in touch using hello@bedegaming.com.

Joe Saumarez Smith, chairman of Bede Gaming, was a guest and roundtable chair at EGaming Review’s Power 50 conference in Marbella, Spain. He reviews the two day conference.

The Power 50 is one of my favourite online gaming conferences and not just because it is held in sunny Spain. The relatively small number of attendees and the fact most are the major decision makers within their companies is a big plus. It also means that in discussions people are more willing to share their experiences and admit what is going badly for them, as well as what is going superbly.

Unsurprisingly, the two main themes of this year’s Power 50 were what is happening to online gaming regulation and the potential opening up of the US market.

Regulation and in particular the need to ensure that Responsible Gambling measures are put in place by all operators was a particular theme across almost every panel and roundtable. The recent UK Gambling Commission fines were widely discussed and there was a general surprise that no operator had yet lost their licence. Over a couple of drinks later in the evening I heard that there is a £10 million plus fine for a household name in the offing, which will certainly cause some big problems for the overall industry.

The imminent announcements around PASPA – which at the time of the conference had not been announced but of course is now the main topic of all conversations – was something that was widely discussed. While most operators were excited about the prospect – especially those who already had businesses operating in New Jersey or Nevada – there was also a feeling that if PASPA was repealed that it wouldn’t be as simple to make money in the US as many commentators would be expecting. Some of the more experienced (or should I say cynical or realistic?) operators were concerned about the potential high levels of protectionism against European operators coming into the market but their greatest concern was the likely level of taxation. Most states seem to be expecting an enormous payday from sports betting and have very little idea about what the correct level of tax should be to allow for a competitive product. Talk was of multi million dollar licence fees, $20 million security bonds and tax rates similar to land-based casinos (mid 30% and upwards) which would make sports betting economically unviable. Add in the sports leagues’ desires for an integrity fee and it starts to get hard to see how anyone is either going to have a decent product or make any money.

I chaired two sessions of roundtable discussions about how the online gambling industry could improve its public image. Surprisingly they were two very different sessions. The first group agreed that the industry has a massive problem with society’s general perception of online gambling (and gambling altogether) while the second was more bullish, saying that the industry was going through a bad patch but that society needs to accept that gambling is a legal activity that pays high taxes and that it is better that it exists in full view rather than as a black market. There was a bit more of nuance to the arguments than that but the opinions did strike me as being quite different, depending on the individuals in the room. It would be pushing it to say that we agreed on a way to radically improve the industry’s public image but there was a feeling that in the UK in particular there is not a single person to whom the media can come to who represents the industry in a credible way. That person could acknowledge that gambling is a ‘sin’ industry but that it is better that it is taxed and highly regulated and that for a large percentage of customers gambling is a fun pastime which does not negatively impact them. However for the small number of people who have problem gambling then the industry should be showing that we support addiction programmes and that we do everything we can to stop them from developing those problems further and to stop gambling. How the industry finds and funds that person was not something we tackled in the hour long sessions but there did seem to be an acknowledgement that it would help a lot to have that person in place to represent the industry.

As ever, the Power 50 was brilliantly organised and I regret that I was not able to represent Bede Gaming better in the Annual Online Gambling Hill Climb Cycling Challenge over a 11km course, where I could only manage second place, 12 seconds behind David Shapton of Akur Capital.

Bede Gaming, an award-winning supplier of software to the online gaming industry, continues to prove its commercial credentials by adding Rocket X to its growing list of prestigious clients.

Following the acquisition of intellectual and Property Software (IPS) Ltd in January in January 2018, LeoVegas Mobile Gaming Group (STO:LEO), chose to keep its sites, including top brands 21.co.uk, Slotboss, Bet UK and UK Casino on the Bede Platform. The multi-year agreement between the platform specialists and the leading Swedish gametech company, sees the operator join the likes of The Rank Group (LSE:RNK) and Sun International (JSE: SUI) on Bede’s award winning gaming platform.

Rocket X, will take full advantage of Bede’s suite of industry-leading marketing tools and premium content from first class gaming suppliers, such as Yggdrasil, NETENT, Evolution and IGT.

Ross Haselhurst, Commercial Director of Bede Gaming, said: “LeoVegas is an innovative, mobile-focused operator at the cutting edge of the online sector. They now have the market’s most effective customer acquisition models through Rocket X and a culture that aligns well with Bede and we are thrilled to be supplying them with our unparalleled platform services.

“I would personally like to thank the whole team from both sides who worked tirelessly to bring this partnership to fruition, and offer our congratulations to IPS founders, Joe Saumarez-Smith, Dan Smyth and Michael Brady.

The growth on our platform has been phenomenal, and we are confident that, under the LeoVegas umbrella, Rocket X will build on this success in the UK and beyond as they continue to enhance their outstanding online casino offering.”   

Mark Good, CEO of Rocket X, said: “We are committed to building the industry’s most intuitive and comprehensive online gaming experience, and have started 2018 strongly with a series of important agreements.

“The flexibility and solidity of Bede’s platform is an important factor for our growth and we are delighted to be working closely with such a highly regarded provider. We are looking forward to the strengthening and successful relationship between all three companies.”

Platform specialists, Bede Gaming, offers completely flexible gaming solutions with robust security measures, and is fast establishing itself as the first-choice option for innovative operators globally.

Founded in 2012, Bede employs the latest in modern technology to provide operators with high performing software used to create world class gaming experiences.

In February this year, Bede launched its first internship programme to complement its already thriving apprenticeship scheme. Having been inundated with applications, we welcomed 2 students from Newcastle and Northumbria University and mentored them through real life tech experiences.

The internship lasted for 6 weeks and fitted in with the students’ studies, covering 8 hours a week. The girls were supported by members of the team and given exposure to our great tech and how it’s used in the business. Alongside a learning programme and a mini hack project to work on, gave them a real glimpse into what it is like to apply your degree to the working world.

A fantastic experience for both parties, where we received first hand insight into student needs and how we can better accommodate graduates joining our company and the girls could understand the way a company works and have a taste of professional life after uni.

We are also really pleased to announce that one of our interns won a placement at a well known Newcastle company whilst with us. Giving us further belief that inspiring students at this stage is exactly what is needed for the region and the industry.

Off the back of this success, plans are now afoot to launch a paid summer placement role to continue to support our thriving university students. Watch this space!

A Year in the Life at Bede.

Rank’s migration to Bede over 2 years ago has been a well documented affair. Watched closely by the industry, it is no secret that it has been a hugely successful partnership with significant digital revenue gains enjoyed by the operator, across its brands. And while we are very proud of these achievements, there is a lot more to Bede than just one of our favourite clients!

Now that ICE is over and the year is getting into full swing, we took the opportunity to reflect on last year and what we’ve done to ready our business for a bumper 2018.

With two EGR Power 50 clients, buzzing interest and a huge USP in the modernity of the Bede platform, our absolute main and paramount focus is on our tech. It is the developing, building and securing of new ways and solutions for our clients to create outstanding experiences for their players that drives us. We want to support them in smashing their digital targets and ambitions.

So what have we done?

What is our motivation for 2018?

How are we going about achieving our mission of becoming the first choice gaming platform in regulated markets?

Firstly, a look back on 2017.

Last year, we concentrated on 4 areas with the aim of streamlining processes and improving environments for the business and our customers, so all stakeholders would benefit from better operational efficiency and smoother workflows. We also took into consideration what we thought would be the hot topics for 2018 and focused on developing a platform ready for the future.

Those four areas are Scalability, Delivery, Partnership and Compliance.

Scalability: Scaling for the Future

Continuing to find ambitious digital solutions for our high profile clients and becoming Sun International Group’s preferred technology partner, makes it impossible to sit still, particularly where our technical team is concerned.

Tech companies can face unnecessary roadblocks by accidentally creating silos of knowledge by having specific teams for specific jobs. All that does is ring fence information rather than empower solutions.

In light of this, Bede made the decision to restructure staff into Feature Teams to create cross product knowledge and encourage a “hive” mind. This means no disruption in the face of sickness, holidays, movement and actively encourages innovation and flexibility across the board, providing an army of adaptable engineers.

Understanding that management of change is just as important to ensure process efficiency and stickiness, we introduced a Timebox methodology. Timebox takes an holistic view of a project and employs an agile approach as opposed to a linear schedule, thus identifying the most important part of the project at the beginning – is it the deadline? Is it a feature? What part is non-negotiable and is it possible to deliver all requirements, on time and on budget? If not, what can be pushed from the sprint, to make sure it happens?

These important activities, to be identified at the beginning of a project by our rapidly growing solutions team and upheld throughout its lifestyle, are vital to managing expectations and delivering projects on time and on scope.

It’s the 21st Century way of making sure tech processes flow, making it a perfect fit for Bede values and providing our operators with a swift and accurate route to Go-Live.

Delivery: Delivering Demand

So it’s all very well restructuring teams and introducing processes to manage transition but how effective is it? What impact has it had on project delivery?

Well, as it turns out, quite a lot. Not only as a business – billing and timesheets have nowhere to hide – but it also means that clients see more projects and more features delivered.

The numbers

  • Projects delivered:  41
  • Av. sprint overage: 1
  • Games: 3000+
  • Supplier integrations: 6
  • Av. set up time: 8 weeks
  • Platform development time: 44%

We delivered 41 projects in 2017, with those missing the deadline averaging being over by just 1 sprint (2 weeks). Over 3000 games now run on our platform and we delivered 6 supplier integrations in 2017 – that is an average of 8 weeks set up time, the fastest in the industry.

We spent a whopping 44% of our time on self-investment and developing our own platform, the results of which, all our customers are free to use and enjoy. This is a really important statistic, it means that as well as performing bespoke projects at the request of our clients, we are fully committed to ensuring our platform is the best it can be for our operators, for marketing, operations and compliance.

Highlights of features and projects that can now be used cross-clients:

Player Summary in PAM (Player Account Management)

  • Social responsibility monitoring
  • Behaviour patterns can be flagged.
  • Customers can be managed based on history and LTV.
  • Strategic bonusing introduced.

Bonus Tool

  • Alternative bonus staking strategy
  • Free Spins integration (Netent and IGT)

Games Management System

  • Improvements made to empower customers to further differentiate their offers.

Transaction History

  • One of the fastest system in the industry – data possible in seconds rather than minutes.
  • Now possible to view transaction history up to 12 months.

Fairness to Customer

  • Bonus and Campaign Manager have been upgraded to support various differing customer strategies and responsible gaming solutions, i.e. friendly bonusing.
  • Tools aligned with new  and upcoming regulations, like CMA, to be introduced throughout 2018.

Deep Integrations

  • Customers can enjoy deeper integrations with major content suppliers
    • Evolution
    • NetEnt
    • IGT
    • Kambi

Single Customer Journeys

  • Working with suppliers and customers, Bede’s technology now connects retail and digital through single accounts and wallets, creating a seamless player experience across multiple channels.
  • Fund sources and multi-factor authentication methods have all been addressed to put player experience and security at the heart of this feature.

Partnership: Becoming BFFs

One of the fantastic initiatives to come out of 2017 was our Bede Feedback Forums, given the maddeningly catchy moniker BFFs. The BFFs are conducted quarterly by our product team, who visit every customer office to carry out platform workshops.

These forums are so valuable to both parties as we receive real feedback on our products and develop a genuine knowledge of our customers’ needs and requirements. It means our clients gain instant confirmation that their requests have been heard and receive first hand demonstrations of new features and how to use them in conjunction with their marketing strategies.

The workshops also generate common themes, as well as customer specific requirements, which are fed into the product roadmap, giving operators direct access and influence to developing a platform that is essential to their digital offering.

Putting partnerships at the heart of Bede is a vital part of our strategy. Our customers are active members of Bede, not passive recipients of a product; we’re all working together for a shared roadmap.

Compliance: To Compliance and Beyond

2018 is the year of responsible gaming and we’re bringing together industry leading operators to drive excellence in platform level compliance. We’re taking it above and beyond minimum regulatory requirements to provide our customers with the most robust and fair gaming platform in the market.

We’ve already made several changes to features, which go further than is needed to keep operators ahead of the curve and we are introducing more improvements to the roadmap for 2018.

Get excited for requirements to come

In depth view of player summary and applying more security and scrutiny to accounts for enhanced player protection are all on the agenda.

GAMstop, UKGC RTS, GDPR and CMA requirements will all be part of the platform as standard facilitating processes for operators to maximise experiences for players in a safe and secure way.

Sarah Hitchcock, Product Director at Bede, comments, “In 2017 we prioritised shifting the way we work to focus on strategic demand and preparing ourselves to scale in various ways. We now have three high performing, world class products to take to market in omni, PLAY and platform and are committed to becoming the first choice platform in every way.

“I’m excited for 2018, as we look to lead the way in compliance and regulation, going above and beyond what is required. We’re not sitting still, we’re building up to set the new standard in game playing platform. 2017 was a big year for Bede but 2018 will be bigger and better. it’s a great time to be a part of it.”

Bede Gaming has signed a partnership agreement with Pragmatic Play, which will see the content provider’s entire offering integrated into Bede PLAY.

Pragmatic Play’s portfolio of more than 80 HTML5 games, including Chilli Heat, Gold Rush, Vegas Nights, Caishen’s Gold and Jurassic Giants will be available to all Bede operators.

The addition of Pragmatic Play’s portfolio is the latest step in Bede Gaming’s expansion of best-in-class content available via PLAY, having already signed several partnership deals with top content suppliers in the last few months.

Michael Brady, CEO of Bede Gaming, said: “We are always looking to expand our offering to clients with the latest and most exciting titles, and integrating Pragmatic Play’s games was an obvious decision as we continue to combine premium content with our leading marketing tools.

“We look forward to enjoying a long and productive relationship with a provider whose games are already performing very well.”

Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer at Pragmatic Play, said: “We have a strong commitment to growing our footprint in regulated markets, and are delighted to do so in partnership with a provider as respected as Bede.

“I am sure our diverse and expertly-modelled range of games will prove popular with their clients all over the world.”

Bede’s platform offers a completely flexible gaming solution and robust security measures, and is fast establishing itself as the first-choice option for innovative operators globally.

Bede Gaming, an award-winning supplier of software to the online gaming industry, has announced that it has signed a deal to offer Playson’s gaming content on PLAY, its industry leading content aggregator and marketing tool.

Playson provides more than 40 omni-channel HTML5 titles, this deal will see them become available to all Bede’s operator partners once they’ve integrated with PLAY, including their most popular titles such as, Fireworks Master, Clover Tales and Viking Gods: Thor & Loki.

Michael Brady, CEO of Bede Gaming, said: “Playson games are known for their high-quality graphics and superb game play, they will be a fantastic addition to PLAY.

“Our aim with PLAY is to be the leading content aggregator with a broad range of titles, across all verticals that do not sacrifice on quality.

“Playson games are strong performers and we look forward to seeing them available to our clients.”

Adam Daniel, MD at Playson, said: “Playson is committed to producing high quality games worldwide, and this agreement with Bede will see our games reach new audiences.

“By adding our content to Bede PLAY, Playson games will reach a wide range of respected and innovative operators without the need for individual integrations.

“We look forward to continuing to build a long and mutually beneficial partnership with Bede.”

Bede’s platforms offer completely flexible gaming solutions with robust security measures, and is fast establishing itself as the first-choice option for innovative operators globally. Bede Gaming employs the latest in modern technology to provide a secure, high-quality gaming platform.

Bede Gaming, an award-winning supplier of software to the online gaming industry, has agreed a deal with Gamevy that will see their unique instant win content made available via the PLAY platform, Bede’s world class content and marketing offering. Gamevy’s select collection of high-quality games will be available to Bede’s operator partners via Bede PLAY. These will include popular titles such as Red Card and Epic Gems.

Michael Brady, CEO of Bede Gaming, said: “We’ve long been fans of the innovative titles produced by Gamevy, so we are thrilled to be making them available to all our clients through Bede PLAY.

“The games are a proven success across multiple markets. We continually update PLAY with the latest titles demanded by our customers and with instant win games growing in popularity of late, it is great that we can say that Gamevy are now a partner of ours.”

Helen Walton, Chief Commercial Officer at Gamevy, said: “We are always looking for new ways to bring our content to operators in regulated markets, and Bede PLAY is a fantastic channel for this purpose.

“The team at Bede has been a pleasure to work with. We are excited to see our content available to Bede’s operator partners soon.”

Press release by Genii. Amongst other outlets, seen on SBC News.

Genii, an independent UK-based company, offering world-class software solutions to online gaming operators, is pleased to announce its partnership with Bede Gaming.

The partnership will provide Bede’s clients with access to Genii’s extensive portfolio of over 140 HD games which incorporates a broad range of genres to cater to players of all types and from any market. Genii prides itself in having game-types to fit all players who can choose between Genii’s Patented Spin16 range, the industry-first isometric games, multi-level feature games, 3D animated storyline games and much more.

“The Bede platform is very exciting because it allows us to deliver innovative, patented content, with player engagement and interaction firmly embedded in each game, to operators in the gaming market, swiftly and easily,” added Nick Barr, Sales Director at Genii.

The thought provoking games gives players the choice of how they want to interact with the games, from selecting the reel and direction in the Spin16 range to choosing which feature game to play in our progressive reward genre of games, all of which focuses in the direction of adding extra layers of excitement within each game for players.

Michael Brady, CEO of Bede Gaming said; “This is a great addition to our ever strengthening product. Genii will add a new dimension to our offering with its innovative and engaging content, whilst its broad genres ensure there are games to accommodate all player types.”

The partnership will support Bede’s industry-leading mobile performance as Genii’s offering is supported across all mobile platforms, namely, Windows, Apple and Android devices. Games are also available on desktop.