We have on open culture. We’re passionate about what we do and love sharing ideas.

We offer a superb package and benefits as well as loads of other more important stuff like free food, free mobile phone, free lunches, 10% time, break out days, regular nights out and awesome parties.


Awesome people, agile engineering, Slack chat, elegant code, autonomous, teams, rapid release cycles, Github, continuous delivery, automation testing, feature switching, brown bag lunches, Hackathons, good coffee.


Corporate BS, politics, fear of failure, bad code, slow delivery, dress down Fridays, bad coffee.

Current Vacancies

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We’re growing fast and want talented people to join us


Above are some of the roles that we have open at the moment, but if you don’t fit into any of the boxes and feel you can offer us something then you should still get in touch.

Maybe you’re a smart creative type who knows you can do great things but haven’t quite found your niche? We like anyone who pushes boundaries and can think outside the box.

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Things move fast round here so we’ll keep your details on file for up to a year in case anything crops up that might suit your skills. If you’re not cool with that just email us to let us know at any time and we will delete your information. View our Privacy Policy for more information.


An aspiring dressage rider, an artificial intelligence graduate and a former teacher are among the team to have joined fast-growing Bede Gaming recently. All sorts of exciting paths have been taken to join Bede and add to our thriving company dynamic and culture. Read on for more on our talented team…