Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our resource for Bede guidelines and assets. These should make it easy and clear how our brand should be applied and respected across any collateral.

Our brand is built upon our mission, values, personality and USPs. We should live and breathe these at all times ensuring a great experience both internally as a team, and externally for our customers.


The Safest Place to Play




  • We challenge the status quo and embrace change
  • Each of us is an innovator with the power to take new ideas forward
  • We crave the excitement of the unknown


  • We communicate clearly, openly, and honestly
  • We are approachable and actively seek feedback ideas forward
  • We promote a safe and diverse workplace


  • We keep our promises
  • We have a burning desire to deliver great things
  • We commit and deliver as one team



Lead the way

I like how they see things differently. How they’re happy to challenge the norm and look to break boundaries – always on the front foot and looking to the future – ready to create a new product to solve a problem. Bede are a breath of fresh air.


Keep things real

We like the fact that we have choices and can achieve what we want to achieve. Whether we want to grow our business independently or be supported by Bede, that’s our choice. Things are kept very simple which allows us to make decisions easily and open up our business to new opportunities quickly.


Get things done

They know what they are and what they want to become. There’s a burning desire to meet our needs which provides us with confidence and peace of mind. We believe our business will perform better and be able to offer more to our own customers (now and in the future) due to Bede’s commitment and ambition to be the best they can be.



Exciting – Competitive, edgy, cool, simple, pure, playful and friendly


Brand USPs

Why Bede?

World-Class Platforms
Scalable, modular and fully open
Single source of truth
Flexible and responsive solutions
Single most secure gambling platform available to operators
An enviable abundance of experience


These guidelines ensure our logo is always used in the correct way and provides the best representation of our company. You can download our logo pack below containing print, screen and vector formats.

Download Logo Files

Bede Logo Usage

Bede Brand Colours

Download Colour Palette
Bede Colour Guideline
  • Bede Red

    Red is our key colour and should be used throughout the majority of our communication.

  • Secondary Palette

    We use our Secondary Palette to support this, mainly for use in diagrams, infographics and for contrast.

  • Tertiary Palette

    We have a Tertiary Palette which are tones of our red through to black. We use this on graphical images for depth but should not use this for text, diagrams or infographics. (see Applications section below)

We tend to use Montserrat for headings, sub-headings, quotations and copy. We use the Regular/Normal weight for headings and sub-headings and quotations. Lightweight should always be used for smaller copy.

Montserrat Regular/Normal

We introduce Liquido as a display font which can be used in campaigns and graphics. We don’t tend to use this in documentation but reserve it as a statement font or when we want to be more playful or graphical.

It has a regular and fluid weight and only comes in uppercase and limited characters. We should only use the fluid weight intermittently, with the occasional character mixed in with the regular set. (see Applications section below)

Liquido/Liquido Fluid


Our icon suite is built on a grid system that comes from our Logo and Platform structure. You can download our icon pack below.

Download Icon Pack


Icon Suite

This is our full icon suite and demonstrates the hierarchy of our Products, our Platforms and our Tools. These icons should not be recoloured or used to represent other items.


Our photography should be people focused and build upon our Values of Driven, Open and Pioneering. This is best shown through shots of team members in the natural working environment, often collaboratively and often using technology.

We tend to use full colour but can also use black and white if suitable. We like to pick out dashes of our brand colours within the images where possible. Unless the image is full bleed, we can use circles to house it as it is more in keeping with our brand than rectangles or squares (see Application section below).



We use graphics alongside all of our other design elements to create interest and reinforce our brand.

Our heartbeat

Our Heartbeat graphic is generated from our logo, following the path of the lettering. It represents the lifeblood of our organisation and the passion of our staff.

It can be built up and used as per the following examples:

Radial Halftone

The Radial Halftone graphic builds on the concept of our platform icons. The graphic is only ever constructed from a circular pattern and never straight.

We can use red on white or the Tertiary Palette on Red. Use black for more contrast or deeper reds for a more subtle depth (see Application section below).

Quotation Marks


We use quotation marks as styled here with a thin key line (as per our icon suite). They do not come from one of our regular typefaces but are designed to be circular in appearance to fit alongside other elements of our brand identity.

We tend to use them as a single pair alongside our quotes (see Application section below).

Google Slides


Here we have some examples of our Branding used in application. It demonstrates how elements can work together and provides a guide for balance and scale.



Our guidelines should allow for an element of creative freedom and range of design. However, it’s also vital to pay attention to alignment and symmetry

By using a grid system as below, either in 8 or 4 columns, we should have enough flexibility to create interesting layouts whilst maintaining a strong, consistent structure.