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Joe Saumarez Smith, chairman of Bede Gaming, spoke at the Betting on Sports conference this week. He addressed a panel on Betting on Cricket, which was well attended by delegates from around the world.

Betting On Sports Conference Day

The conference, which was attended by more than 1,200 executives from across the sports betting industry, saw more than 40 different panels on all aspects of sports betting, including a particular focus on the fast-growing area of eSports.

Mr Saumarez Smith told the conference: “Cricket is one of the best games for betting on but it’s extremely tough for trading teams to price accurately. The huge number of variables such as the speed at which the wicket deteriorates, the moisture in the air and the decision making of captains about who to bowl when means you can’t easily build a pricing algorithm. In a world where trading teams are increasingly being replaced by automated feeds, this produces a challenge for cricket to gain more market share of the global sports betting market.”

The panel was led by Stephen Carter, editor of iGaming Business, and also included Anthony Charles, executive director of Genius Tech Group, Dave Tharp, managing director of Living Sports and Matthew Glazier, managing director of Bookies.com.

Bede was also a sponsor of the conference show, highlighting how the Bede platform can support any third party sports betting software supplier and can offer deep integrations with cross-channel bonusing, something that rival platforms cannot support.